Six Word Stories

(Originally Posted March 29, 2010 on blogspot)

Some facts:

1- I seem to have gotten really busy lately.

2- I feel strongly about my commitment to blog every M-F.

3- Sometimes I have trouble thinking of blog topics.

4- I am working on editing the book (and then dialogue) of a new musical for MRC. The general idea is- use fewer words.

5- There are a few people who just started reading my blog who want to catch up.

6- I am entertained by writing exercises like the six word story.

Therefore. I present to you, all of my blogs so far, summarized in six words each. Enjoy.

About me: An Autobiography in Decades
Almost 35, starting a blog today

Get A Job (Sha-na-na-na)
Need more money but can’t work

At the End of the Day You’re Another Day Older
Mommy Days: always long, usually rewarding

Why I Write:
I write for aesthetics, education, therapy

Beware the Ides of March
Daylight Savings Time Makes Depression Worse

On Baby Sock Bunnies and Other Very Important Tasks:
Sometimes crafting makes me feel better

Wearing O’ the Green
Go Bobcats, go bobcats, go bobcats.

Wearing O’ the Green Part 2
We just beat Georgetown? Really? Wohooo!

Adoption Stories Part
People say ridiculous things to me.

Here’s to the Super Heroes
Woman are gorgeous, intelligent, brave, flawed

One Of Those Days
Sometimes depression sneaks up on me

Freelancing and Calendars and To-Do Lists (Oh My!)
Time management will kick depression’s butt.

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