This Is Urinetown

(Originally posted February 25, 2011 on blogspot.)

It’s the end of day one. Lily has peed on every surface of our living room. And I. Am. Exhausted.

But. She’s more willing to sit on the potty now. She even sat her doll on it, then her monkey, then she sat down herself. We even had a time when I caught her peeing and put her on the potty. And she heard the music, and we made it a great big deal.

I’m guessing that she has no idea what’s going on. But I’m going to give it one more day, since Ryan and I will both be home tomorrow. (I’m realizing it practically takes one person just staring at her, trying to anticipate whether she *might* have to potty.) I’ve decided to take away the fruit snack idea. She doesn’t really understand rewards. She just gets frustrated that she can’t have them all the time. But we’ll try one more day. My hope is that she might develop the habit of peeing on the potty before she thinks to question it.

But for now, I’m just going to sit here and drink my beer and think about all of the cleaning I have to do tomorrow…

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