Potty Watch 2011

(Originally posted March 1, 2011 on blogspot.)

Yesterday we needed to leave the apartment. I teach on Mondays, and Lily hangs out with her babysitter in Larchmont. She was absolutely not ready to try to wear big kid underwear or use the potty anywhere but home. So, reluctantly, I put on the Pull-Ups. As anticipated, she just treats them like diapers. She took an insanely long nap when we got home, (also in Pull-Ups) so by the time she was home and awake there were only a few hours left in the day. Ryan did manage to get her to pee in the potty once- again catching her mid-stream and setting her there. But for the most part, she waits to go in the Pull-Ups.

We have to go out today, and again tomorrow, but then she has three days when she can stay put. So I guess we’ll keep trying when we’re home? Ugh. I know it’s not going to happen instantly. It’s not knowing whether I’m pushing her that’s frustrating me.

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