Happy New Year!

Every first day of school was the same.

This year, it will be perfect.

This year, I will wear the perfect outfit. Every day. I’ll plan out the first few weeks to give myself a head start.

This year, I will do my homework. Every day. I will not forget, I will not procrastinate, I will hand it in on time.

This year, I will keep all of my notes organized. And my locker too.

This year, I will figure out what makes the popular kids popular. I will study them. And I will become one of them.

I made plans. And I wrote them down. And I had lists. And schedules. I had brand new school supplies and a whole new wardrobe.

Then I went off to college. Then grad school. Then I became a teacher. Then I went to grad school again. Then I taught at a college.

And each year, while my roles changed a bit, my goals did not.

This year will be perfect.

Now that I’m a Mom, I know better. There’s no such thing as a perfect school year. We can set ourselves up for success. But the reality is that being a Mom is hard. And we know we can’t be perfect.

Ha! Just kidding!

Wouldn’t that be awesome, though? What if we could actually wrap our brains around the idea that we can’t be perfect? Another goal. Of course, I know me. I’ll try to be perfect at knowing I can’t be perfect. And then I’ll get frustrated. Because that concept may not actually be possible.

OK. So we know we can’t be perfect. But as I get ready for a new school year (both as Mom and teacher) I can do some things to help the sailing be a little smoother. Follow my routines, mostly. Keep my schedule to a reasonable amount. (I actually turned down a job yesterday. I don’t know if I’ve ever done that before.) Stick to the plan. Work on the flylady and Total Money Makeover plans that I had once upon a time here and here. Work on my fitness goals again. Keep this awesome calendar wall current.


And, we’re back to perfect. Or at the least the quest for perfection.

Happy New Year, everybody. Let’s make it a perfectly imperfect one.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kate
    Aug 27, 2013 @ 20:29:33

    Love this. I always hope for a perfect year, too! Feels so possible when you start out!!


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