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This is my ipad:


Yesterday I watched a video about people who spend so much time with their faces in screens that they miss life.
It was a wake-up call, and a reminder that I need to bring back the once-a-week Media Fast Day. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Let everyone know you’re turning everything off, and turn everyone off.
As I prepare for my school year, I’ll need to figure out which day will be most appropriate for this. I’ll write all about it.

But for today, this is my ipad.

I’m sharing it with you because there’s some cool stuff on there. And as much as I need a break from it, some of these apps really help my crazy life as a freelancing Mom.

As in, I am a Mom who freelances at other things. The job of Mom is pretty full time 😉

A big portion of the screen is filled with my regular ole’ everyday apps. I’m going to assume you’re familiar with everything through Pinterest. But after that, we have some things I’ve found along the way.

So here we go, some of my favorite apps. I didn’t get paid for this or anything, I just really like ’em.



It’s the app I use to write. In fact I’m using it to write this right now. Because of this app, I haven’t opened my laptop in over a month. Really intuitive, easy to share documents, things end up looking like I intended.



This one is a game-changer. It’s a family planning system. Shared calendars. Shared to-do lists. Shared shopping lists. And you can download Flylady’s routines. This is the only calendar I use. If you are overwhelmed with life, (and who isn’t…?) check out Cozi.

CVS pharmacy:


I just think this one is fun. We go to CVS a lot because if you play the game correctly, those extra bucks ADD UP. You can get a lot of stuff for free, and you don’t even need to be an extreme couponer. You just have to pay attention. But the app is fun because it looks like the store and you feel like you’re actually shopping and as a Mom, sometimes that’s as close as I get to leaving home that day.



Speaking of shopping. Oh my goodness ThredUp has changed my life. It’s basically an online kids consignment shop. I’ve been using it for two years or so- way back since people shipped each other boxes directly. The company has changed a lot since then, but I’ve loved the improvements. It’s where I get most of Lily’s clothes, and it’s where her nice stuff that she’s just too big for now ends up. They ship you the bag- shipping label included. You don’t even need to leave home. WHAT? I know.

And now they have women’s clothes too!!!

A shameless referral plug. If you’re interested in ThredUp, check it out through my referral link. You’ll get $10 off your order. And I’ll get a $10 referral credit too. I know it sounds a little pyramid-schemey. That’s not my intent here. I tell strangers on the street about ThredUp. But hey. If they’re gonna give us each $10… (There’s no picture for this one because, it’s like, my finances and stuff…)

This has been huge for us. You do need to have an online banking account and allow it to access your account. But this is a really reputable company, and the benefits are so worth it. Mint tracks your budget for you. And it does it automatically. And it is so in line with the principles of Total Money Makeover. Totally easy to use, easy to set up your own budget. A great way to keep yourself on track.

There you have it! My top 5 favorite apps. What apps get you through your day?

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chicachicababies
    Aug 28, 2013 @ 16:08:02

    Ha ha ha…the CVS app made me laugh “close as I get to leaving the home that day.” Can I get a mall app? 🙂


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