The First Last First Day


On Wednesday, I took Lily to her first day in the 4’s classroom. She is now part of the Big Kid class. She’ll help rule the school. (Along with her classmates. But let’s face it, she does more leading than following.) I have taken her to her first day of school at that building three times. And this is her last one. It’s the first time I’ve faced watching her age out of something.

It was her First Last First Day.

Or more accurately, it was mine.

Next year, it’s on to kindergarten. And then college and then she’ll get married and have children and then I’ll die.

OK it might not happen *quite* that fast. But it certainly feels that way.

I made tshirts with graduation yeas for all the kids who attended my launch party. We looked at those numbers and shook our heads. Would we still be alive then? It feels a million years away.
Hers is precisely 14 years away. But that might as well be a million, right?

Until I think backwards on what I was doing 14 years ago. I was starting my teaching career and planning my wedding. I was setting up a life that I assumed would be spent in Ohio. I had no idea what major changes were headed my way.

Just yesterday, and a million years ago.

It’s hard to believe the pictures above take place over only two years. I have watched Lily go from an uncertain little girl who didn’t want to enter those doors and who cried the entire first week to…. well… pure sass.

She still cried a bit when we got to her new classroom. She wanted to go to her “regular class.” But once she realized all of her friends were inside (all of them. She was nearly knocked over by her best friend du jour and her “boyfriend” who has claimed her as his for two years racing to get to her first.) she waved good bye and that was that.

Lily starts water polo tonight. This is a phase in parenting I’ve been looking forward to. Standing on the sidelines with the other parents. Cheering her on. (Or trying to get her to participate if it’s anything like soccer… We’ll see how it goes.) Part of me wants to stay right in this budding athlete sweet spot. Part of me wants to go back to hold her as a tiny baby. And part can’t wait to see the full-grown woman that’s just waiting in there.
But since I can’t do any of those things, I’ll just celebrate each moment, and stop and appreciate our First Last First Day.

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