Thirsty Thursday: Health Care

Today’s Blog Challenge perplexed me. Here’s what it said.

We are all thirsty to know more about something. What peeks your interest and makes you turn a page, click a link, Google a word or just plain want to learn?
Write it as you would an essay with a title and subheadings. Be sure to add “authority” links so we know what you are talking about.

Hmmmmmm. I mean, everything makes me want to learn more. That’s just how I am. I wasn’t sure what to write. I even thought hey, we only have to do 5 of the 7, maybe I’ll skip this one.

Then yesterday, my cat bit me. He’s a 14-year-old Russian Blue.

That’s not him. But it could be. He looks just like that. He loves me, and only me. And he has nipped before. But this one looked like this:


Gross. I know. But part of the story.

Then, casually, I mentioned it to my BFF. Here’s how that went.

So. I went to Greenwich Walk-In Medical Care. (I called first. Their reaction was “uh, get in here, right now.”) And they were lovely. And expensive. But I was seen immediately and treated with a tetanus shot, antibiotics, and an X-ray (to make sure there weren’t any TEETH IN MY ARM. *shudder*)

And I was thinking about how we’ve been in this health insurance no-man’s land for like three years now. In fact, it’s how my book starts, and I’ve blogged about it before. There are even health care stories that are more serious and personal that haven’t made it out in public yet.

And that’s when it hit me.

Not dying is pretty good motivation for learning more.

I’ve been wanting for quite some time to compile a list of resources for people seeking medical care. I wish this was that post. It would fit the assignment nicely. But I want to do this right. So I’m asking for your help. I’m looking for resources-clinics, discounts, great insurance plans, whatever you’ve got- for people who need medical attention. I realize this will change a bit soon because we’ll all be required to be covered. But often we need help that isn’t covered. (Particularly if it is related to mental health.)

If you have ANY information of this kind about any area of the country, please send me a message on the contact me page. All info will of course be submitted confidentially.

Thanks in advance for your help. And remember- there IS care available. Sometimes it just takes an awful lot of digging. I’m hoping to do some of that digging for you.

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  2. Cheri
    Sep 17, 2013 @ 11:06:08

    You made me laugh. I like this.


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