Throw-Back Thursday: the You Knew Me When Edition

This Throw-Back Thursday starts with a full disclosure.

Emily Liebert and I are really good friends. “I knew her when” she was still looking for a publisher for her first novel. I knew her when she sold it. (I’m sure we celebrated with cupcakes.) I knew her when she got the first copy in the mail. (Brownies that time, I think.) And here we are at her launch party on Tuesday.


But here’s another disclosure. I am the toughest critic ever. My friends really want me to come to their performances. But then they kind of don’t. I once hurt the feelings of a male friend so baldy that it took him a year to tell me.I try. I really do. But I am not in the business of empty compliments.

So when I say I loved something, you can bet it’s the truth.

And I loved “You Knew Me When.”


This fun read was the ultimate throw-back for me. Like most women, I see myself in Katherine and Laney, the former best friends whose story we follow. We’re the same age and therefore have similar life obstacles. I’m a Mom like Laney. I work in NYC like Katherine. And since we’re the same age, the flashbacks to their middle school and high school lives were like looking through my own photo albums. We read the same magazines and wore the same clothes and listened to the same music.

And, like Katherine and Laney, I had a falling-out with my best friend.

“You Knew Me When” was a fun read that gave me a chance to revisit the 80’s and 90’s while examining some of my grown-up stuff through fictional characters. Grab yourself a copy and have your own Throw-Back Thursday any day.

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