F is for Flylady

…who would want me to stop worrying about these blog posts being perfect.


I have trouble keeping our apartment clean.

No. Really.

It’s bad. Especially with a preschooler. Holy cow can she tear up a room in a hurry.

But it’s always been a problem for me. Even before I was a Mom. So several years ago I was looking for help on the internet. (The number one modern way to solve any problem.) And I found flylady.

Warning. This post is little more than a place for me to sing her praises. And if you need the kind of help that I do, it might change your life.

Finding the flylady website helped me realize that my housekeeping troubles were a symptom of my depression. So if it was ever going to get better, I would need to treat it just like any other habit that needed to change. I realized that I wasn’t any idiot. I wasn’t lazy. I wasn’t a slob.

And I also realized that depression wasn’t an excuse for a messy home.

Most of all, I realized I could do it. I could approach things with baby steps, I could develop small habits, and I could make a change.

For the past seven or eight years, I’ve been tinkering with a flylady plan that works for me. And sometimes it needs to change. And sometimes it works better than others. But the plan is always there. And just knowing that helps me get through the day sometimes.

If you think flylady might help you, check out her page. A few notes:

1. I’m not selling you anything right now. This is a free service. I promise you. I’m just passing on something I found to be useful.

2. Some of my friends have found the home page to be intimidating. It’s just a lot of information. So I’m linking you directly to the “getting started” page. It’s a step-by-step way to change your life. Baby steps, my friends!

3. Wanna talk about it? Comment below 🙂

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