N is for Nia Vardalos

…and what I learned from reading her book.


The other night I saw someone mention a book on facebook- “Instant Mom” by Nia Vardalos. (of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” fame) It’s about her experience with adoption. So clearly it caught my attention. I had every intention of reading it. You know. Someday.

The very next morning I had an email from someone at HuffPost Live asking me to participate in a forum about the book where we could chat with Nia and ask her some questions.

Um…. yes please?

Always the good student, I purchased the book and plopped down in Lily’s reading corner. About 24 hours later I emerged, laughing and crying and feeling like I had made a new friend.

Here’s my review: if you’re interested in adoption or infertility or family or friends or comedy, you should read this book. (Also consider the fact that I read a whole book- A WHOLE BOOK! in 24 hours. And I have a preschooler. The “whole book” part isn’t unusual for me as a person. Not at all. I’m nerdy and a fast reader. It’s unusual for me to make it a priority, though, at this exhausting point in my life.)

I got to be a part of the forum (which you can watch here!) and it was lovely to chat with Nia. I’m pretty sure if we were neighbors we would be friends.

Instead of a review, (because seriously. Who am I?) I want to share a few lessons I learned from reading this book. In no particular order. But all kinda related.

1. My memoir is probably important. Nia discusses in her book the fact that she hates talking about her infertility. And don’t we all? No one wants to remember that time. It’s dark and yucky. I mentioned it in my post about infertility. But the fact that Nia and I both admit we don’t like to talk about it reminds me. I have to keep talking about it. I don’t want it to be The Forgotten Pain. And if all of us close that door once we’re through it, there’s no one to offer support to people on the other side. I want women currently going through it to know that I understand. That they’re not alone. So. Good thoughts for me that we find an agent, K?

2. Celebrities are people. This is probably obvious enough. But really. They have the same life situations that we have. The same struggles, the same celebrations. Just with a better wardrobe.

3. Be. Aggressive. B.E. Aggressive. But not too aggressive. Nia talks in her book about how she got her first job at Second City. She was aggressive. She reached out to people. And she treated celebrities like people. And HuffPost Host Nancy got in touch with Nia via twitter. If I’m going to make this whole Get Published thing happen, I’m going to have to be aggressive. (Remind me of that when I wuss out or when I’m crying in my martini over the 300th rejection.)

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