Duvet Covers for Dummies


And by dummies, clearly I don’t mean dummies. I’m not even sure why I know how to do this. I thought my husband taught me, but he says that’s not how he does it. (He’s an interior designer, thus an expert.) Then I assumed it was my Mom. But then she commented that she was impressed when I posted it on Facebook. Maybe I figured it out on my own? That feels highly unlikely.

But whatever the reason, I know how to get a duvet cover over a comforter with minimal effort. So when a friend told me she thought duvet covers were of the devil, I was confused. I told her I would make her a video.

That was about six months ago. Duvet covers: check. Completing projects in a timely manner…. Meh. Not so much.

So here it is. Never crawl inside your duvet cover again. Spread the word.

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