Grateful: One-Year Sandy Reflections

One year ago, just about this time, I was cuddled in a tent with my family. Fortunately the tent was safe inside our living room. We were trying to make the whole thing an adventure as the apartment darkened and the rain and wind beat against our third-floor windows. We lit candles and ate popcorn and read books by flashlight and listened to the radio unless it was broadcasting scary news. Then we spent the next week hanging out at the YMCA and making new friends finding open restaurants and eventually staying for a few days with friends on Long Island.

We were lucky. We were inconvenienced at best. True, our daughter has been more afraid of storms this year. She’s afraid the power will go out and the trees will fall down every time the wind blows. But she’s outgrowing her fear. A year later we’re left only with memories and the desire to make up for last year’s lost Halloween.

But I have friends who weren’t nearly so lucky. One of my friends lost the bottom of his house and both his cars. Another friend had to tear down her family’s house and move. Both families have children who were displaced and scared and confused. And even those friends consider themselves grateful. They had the resources to work things out. And things are back to normal for them.

It would be more comfortable to assume that everyone, a year later, is just fine now. But there are those whoops are still displaced. Still in temporary housing. Still without adequate hot water.

So tonight, as I look back on Sandy, I can only feel grateful.

Last November I recorded a song with my friends from Momentum Repertory Company. John Bucchino’s “Grateful” expressed my feelings better than I ever could in a blog. Take a listen and download it on iTunes. All proceeds still go to Occupy Sandy as they continue their clean-up efforts.

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