Follow-Up Friday: My Two Healthy Lungs

Boy. Accountability is important- Amiright?
Earlier today I was thinking about my follow-up entry for this week. I thought about all those rejections and how I still had so many agents I hadn’t queried. And then I realized I had managed to avoid it all since last Friday (aside from the rejections I got throughout the week, which were promptly deleted). I didn’t want to tell my tens of readers that I’d been a gutless slacker. So I sent out a few. Thirteen, to be exact. Queries are so easy to send. And they are also very hard.
My query count now stands at 113. Just keep swimming.
My Shiny Sink Streak, on the other hand, is a little more encouraging. I have shined my sink every night for seventeen nights. It very nearly feels like a habit. In fact, I am really looking forward to starting the next habit: decluttering. I’m so anxious that I’m going to start a bit early. More on that on Monday.
But what I really want to talk about today is my c25k progress.
For some reason, the five-minute intervals intimidated me. It’s so silly. Five minutes? Really, Mindy? You can run for 5 minutes.
And I’ve run much longer than that before. It just felt like a random scary barrier. It’s the interval that tests my lungs a bit. Makes my breathing a little more difficult. Makes me fight to keep my breaths measured.
I knew this would be the week I’d either bust through it or give up.
Between snow days and holidays, my schedule has been sort of a wreck since last Friday. I only ran twice. The first time was Tuesday, when I ran Day 3 Week 3. Easy peazy. But I knew that five-minute interval was coming. Then on Tuesday night I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. I saw a post from a friend. He shared his workout from MapMyRun. No biggie. People do it every day.
Wait. Didn’t this dude just have a double lung transplant?
Yes. He sure did. I don’t know him well at all. We met at a party and become connected on Facebook. But I prayed for him during his surgery. I was so relieved to see a post the next day that was from him. He was alive and breathing. With two new lungs.
I remember reading his posts during the holiday season. It is January. Dude just got two new lungs, and he’s running. Not fast. Not far. But he’s running.
Um, what was my problem again?
Absolutely nothing.
I may only have this year and next year to run before I am in the Masters Division. (Seriously. Seriously? Seriously.) But I healthy. I am a former college cheerleader. I am a professional singer with healthy lungs and excellent breathing technique. I weigh 110 pounds. (Yes, it is about 10 more pounds than I prefer. But it is not a lot to carry around. Also, if you don’t know me personally, I am 4’10” so if you have any anti-skinny comments you can save them KThanxBye) I am young and strong and healthy and have no excuses. Seriously, none.
So I ran on Wednesday. And I busted through that five-minute interval. And it was no big deal. I will do it again tomorrow. And four weeks from today, I will run a 5k at Epcot Center.
Because I can.

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