Throwback Thursday: Lily’s Challenge, 2013

Last year we got a little fancier! Clues were given with the pictures. I’ll post the answers in a few days, put your guesses below!

1. The bane of Lily’s existence is also one of her greatest sources of pride. It’s also the name of a war protest musical. Name that musical!


2. One of Lily’s favorite desserts is also the title of a charming song from a classic musical based on a popular novel. If the most recent movie version of that novel had been a musical, the song would have been sung by Meg Ryan. Name that musical!


3. Lily’s Mommy loves Sondheim. (Don’t we all?) Therefore, she is certain that when Lily described her picture to her Preschool teacher this way, she was referencing THIS musical.


4. We’re feeling fancy today. So here’s a picture of Lily ready to sing an aria from her favorite opera. In the best of all possible worlds, she’d get to wear this look to preschool. Name that show!


5. Coincidentally, Lily’s middle name is the same as the setting of her favorite show. Name that show, AND what is her middle name? (For those of you who don’t know her personally, feel free to guess!)

6. Where’s Lily? She’s pretending to be with some of her favorite characters in a rather short-lived Disney musical. Name that SONG.


7. Last night Lily wanted to see a particular picture of a particular Broadway character. “The princess one.” I didn’t know who she meant. So she posed, and said “The princess who goes like this.” It took some time, but I figured it out. What’s the name of the Broadway character Lily was pretending to be last night?


8. This one isn’t a challenge at all, but I couldn’t resist. She didn’t do this for the challenge. She just does it all the time because she loves it. So tonight’s question is: what CHARACTER is this?


9. Lily hasn’t seen this show. But Mommy and Daddy couldn’t resist. What character is she portraying?


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