Running Through the Fog

Man. Those few minutes right after running are the worst. For me, anyway. All the blood rushes to my head and I feel hot and exhausted and a little sick. It only lasts for a few minutes, fortunately. Then it’s replaced by a feeling of, well, that’s what I was trying to figure out the other day.

I had just gotten out of the shower at the YMCA. And there was that feeling again. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. But it was familiar. And then it hit me.

Summer. (Cue Olaf…)

This was exactly the way I felt in the evening after spending the day in the sun. It was peaceful and calm and focused. And just… happy.

Suddenly I felt like a genius. Excerise does something to my body that feels like spending time in the sun! QUICK! SOMEONE CALL SCIENCE! (Science already knows.)

Obviously, both activities cause our bodies to release endorphins. This is useful information for any human with an able body. But it could be a game-changer when that body suffers from depression. Especially around this time of year. I wrote recently about The Februaries. And it seems like they should be over now. (Cuz, you know, it’s March.) Unfortunately the Februaries are followed closely behind by another tough season: Daylight Savings Time. Or the beginning of it, anyway.

“What? That’s nuts! I LOVE Daylight Savings Time! All that extra sunlight makes me soooooo happy!” – Everyone reading this who doesn’t have depression, and maybe some who do.

And I agree with you, in principle.

The reality has always been a little different for me, though. And lots of others. You can read about it here.

I recover, eventually. But the combination of The Februaries followed by Daylight Savings has resulted in one giant, three-month-long slump. Every. Single. Year.

That’s, like, a quarter of my life. And that’s not OK.

So I’m at the YMCA and I’m getting dressed. And I wonder. What if it doesn’t happen this year? What if the endorphins released after my run are enough to counteract the imbalance created by the sudden surge of serotonin.
I mean, I should basically be a scientist you guys. (Dear Mindy, This is extraordinarily old news. Welcome, though! Love, Science)

I may learn to like this extra hour of sun thing.

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