The Last Day Before the Last Year


In a few hours I turn thirty-nine.


Forty is one thing. It feels like something worth celebrating.

But thirty-nine is just…almost.

Almost forty. The last year I’m thirty-something. And the last year of my childhood.

(Oh, that was seventeen, you say? Millions of thirty-something’s disagree.)

Speaking of almost. I’ve had several projects this year that have fallen flat. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Flylady and Decluttering
Ugh. It occurred to me yesterday that I had given up. The clutter was piling up. The dishes were piling up. The laundry was piling up. I say “was” as if it’s a past-tense situation. I am baby-stepping my way across the living room. But it’s just so slow. We have too much stuff. The past several weeks I was consumed by our Spring Musical at school and I did nothing. I will figure this out. I will discover what it is about this process that is not working for me. But it hasn’t happened yet.

So, in the meantime, we’re crisis cleaning for Easter this week.

Speaking of Spring musicals….

Lily’s Challenge
Much to my disappointment, I think we have outgrown this. It breaks me heart because it was so much fun. But Lily is now more than ever, her very own little performer. And unless we had a month of “Let it go,” I don’t think I can make it work at this age.


Sunrise, Sunset

Running for Lent
Again, that whole Spring Musical thing… (It was “Little Shop of Horrors,” by the way.)
Two years ago I did two Spring Musicals at once. It was way too much, and the really short version of the story is that I ended up hospitalized with pneumonia. Like, the real, actual, fluid in both lungs pneumonia. I don’t recommend it.

So it occurred to me after missing a few days of running that perhaps this was not the time to start a project like that. Perhaps during this time I just needed to focus on getting kids to sing “Skid Row.”

So that’s what I did.

Now. Why am I tying all these up in a neat bow? First, to remind myself of this:


Maybe it reminds you to be reasonable, too.

But second, and more importantly, it’s because I’m headed towards the end of an era.

No. Really. I’m not tryin’a be all dramatic about it. It’s a Bible thing. Important things happen in forty-year chunks. Tomorrow starts the last year of my very first chunk. And man, do I have plans. And I didn’t want anything hanging over my head. (Oh, shoot. “Let it Go” totally would have worked here…)

Tomorrow stars a huge year-long project for me. I’m excited. And scared. (Cue Little Red Riding Hood.) And I can’t wait to share it with you.

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