Day 1 of the Dr Oz Cleanse

Yesterday I completed day 1. It really wasn’t as hard as I thought. I wanted coffee. But didn’t feel like I NEEDED it. (Often I think it’s not so much that I need it. It’s that I really really like coffee.) I wasn’t hungry. In fact, I was too full. I had sort of a late breakfast and a pretty lazy day which led to a really late lunch. I had to start the dinner shake before I had even had the snack and couldn’t finish it. The plan is to have four shakes a day. I had 2 1/2. But I’m really small and don’t have a huge appetite. So I’m hoping that doesn’t make a difference. I am shooting for all four today though, because as my friend Andrea pointed out, I am a perfectionist and enjoy sticking to the exact plan.

The shakes themselves are pretty tasty. Breakfast is raspberry and banana-based with almond butter. Lunch is the one most people don’t like- it has a lot of celery and kale, but tastes mostly like apple to me.

Then there’s dinner. That’s the one I couldn’t finish. It’s blueberry which is great. But has cayenne pepper. Weird.

Energy-wise, I feel so full all the time I’m having trouble getting motivated to do anything. And by the end of the night yesterday I couldn’t even think about fruit. I am thinking about salty/ savory foods a bit, because this is all just sweet. Sure there’s cayenne pepper in the dinner shake. But it’s with blueberries, so….

Did you ever wonder about Pinterest? Like, did you ever want to put something on there that’s totally absurd just to see if people do it? I know it happens. I’ve seen it happen. People are really gullible.

Am I one of those really gullible people???

My belly is really full of fruit.

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