More Baby Steps: Back on the Wagon

I have had a lot of loss this month. True, major life events have been awesome lately. New job, new apartment… Things have been pretty exciting around here. But real life is never all good or all bad. There have been some major changes at my church. Changes that feel like progress and loss at the same time. Because that’s how life works.

And then on Saturday, I lost a friend. He had been battling cancer for a long time. And for him, this is progress. He is better. He is not hurting. But for us, it’s a loss. Because that’s how life works.

All of this up and down has been a lot for me. And I’ve found myself in The Fog for a week or so. Here I am on another Monday, and it’s tough for me to know what to do with myself. I need clean clothes and healthy food. I need to keep Lily entertained for the day because Mondays are our day at home together. And I’m just…. sitting here. Well, I’m alternately just sitting here and telling her she can’t eat the frosting out of the container with a spoon. Even though that actually sounds like a really good idea to me.

Before this weekend, I was on a running streak. I had made it 12 days of the 40-Day annual streak between Memorial Day and the 4th of July. I had eaten breakfast every day for two months. And I’m realizing today how much those two things mattered.

So I went to the store even though it’s pouring down rain and going grocery shopping with a 5-year-old is torture. I managed to get out with everything on my list and some Minnie Mouse balloons as a bribe. I came home and had a healthy lunch of hollowed-out cucumber filled with turkey and cucumber. My next steps include taking a shower and baking a cake with my daughter. And tonight, I will work-out. I will follow the plan for the Four-Week-And-Apparently-When-I-Say-Four-Weeks-I-Mean-Seven Summer Challenge. And I will finish that thing this week. And I will get back on my running streak. And I will not think it’s ruined because I missed two days and now it’s not perfect.

I will be kind to myself. And I will baby step my way out of this. Because life isn’t all good or all bad.

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