For the Birds

Since the beginning of Project 40 I have had several challenges in mind. One of them was the Look Better Naked cleanse: a 2-day menu designed to “detox” your body. It seemed like a good choice because it was clear, it was only two days, it involved real food, and who doesn’t want to look better naked?

Since I was home alone for several days while the family attended a reunion (I had to stay home to teach…) the timing seemed right. I went grocery shopping and did all of the necessary prep work. I went to bed Sunday night excited to have a smoothie that just needed to be blended and a lunch that just needed to be packed. I was worried about the lack of coffee, but I’ve made it three days without during the Dr Oz cleanse. I figured the food would give me the energy I needed, and I could deal with any headaches.

I was wrong.

By 10:00 AM I was clutching my green tea and wishing I had more cucumber slices.

By 11:00 AM I was drinking black coffee to get through my class. It isn’t part of the plan, but it’s clean and calorie-free so I figured it was alright.

By 1:00 PM I had digested my lunch and I was hungry. Really, really hungry.

I made another cup of green tea to help me through rehearsal from 2 to 5. But I spent the entire three hours thinking about my stomach and feeling like I was having a sugar crash. I was dizzy. I couldn’t focus.

By 4:45 PM I was staring at the clock trying to figure out the nearest place to get food. I was honestly concerned about my drive home. Rehearsal ended and I went to the teacher’s lounge to raid the kitchen. I found, to my extreme relief, that I had some leftover pasta in the refrigerator. I wouldn’t even have to steal anything. (Although that option was absolutely on the table.) I ate the pasta cold and, still hungry, had three Oreos leftover from a recital. I was sick to my stomach most of the way home.

I did my best to follow the plan for the rest of the evening. But I added some snacks and salad ingredients.

Because. It was not. Enough. Food.

As a reminder, I’m just over 100 pounds. I am not a big eater. When I say this plan made me feel like I was eating like a bird, I mean literally. Yes, birds can eat more than their weight every day. But they don’t weigh very much. This plan quite literally felt like it would not keep a bird alive.

Not even a baby bird.

I have a lot of discipline. But I decided when I set out for Project 40 that I would only do things that felt healthy to me. And the Look Better Naked “cleanse” was not enough food. I decided it was for the birds.

I have plans for a longer-term, healthier-seeming clean eating plan in the near future. One that amounts to more than just a crash diet. Look for that one soon. In the meantime, learn from me:

Just because it’s on Pinterest doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

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  1. Amy
    Aug 10, 2014 @ 22:02:06

    Maybe one supported by a health coach?


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