33 More Days: Back to the Gym

I just wrote several paragraphs. And then re-read them. And discovered how unbelievably dull they were. I guess with 40 challenges, that’s bound to happen.

Yesterday I wrote about a really fun event. Vino and Vinyasa. I mentioned we had joined a new gym. This is that story.

(If you could imagine you just heard those chords that they play on Law and Order when the words go across the screen telling us where the detectives are going… that would be really effective.)

We went to a birthday party at an athletic facility. And we fell in love with it. And we joined. We pay more than I could have imagined we would ever pay for a gym. But we have no regrets about the money. We are there several times a week. We eat at the restaurant, and we get smoothies at the juice bar, and we attend the events, and we swim at the pool. (and the waiters know I drink pinot noir.) Not only are we starting to feel like a part of a cool community, but as a family we are leading more active lifestyles. It’s not about joining a gym. It’s about being a family who exercises.

I would not have guessed at the beginning of this challenge that joining an expensive facility would be one of my 40. But so far, it has been the one with the greatest impact.

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