31 More Days: Clean Eating

I completed this challenge in July. It is now March. I have been avoiding writing this one. I was telling myself it was because it was too much information. But here’s the truth. I think it’s because I didn’t want to post this picture. So. Let me just get this out of the way.


Now, I fully understand that the “before” picture is not exactly huge. But please understand that I have never gained weight. This is not a humble brag. (I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. My body didn’t exactly cooperate with me when I wanted to get pregnant. So please don’t judge me for having a body that doesn’t gain a lot of weight. K?) It’s just how it has always been for me. When I gained 15 pounds in about a year, I hid it well. Most people who know me would have no idea that was hiding under there. So there it is, world. My secret gut.

And now the big shocker.

These two pictures were taken 18 days apart.


I was really busy teaching at a camp. I don’t think I worked out a single time in those 18 days.

Last July I spent 2 weeks with the Cleaning Eating Challenge.

Here’s a review:

1. The Food: It was delicious. Just looking back at the pictures today to write the review makes me want to do it again. (Except it turns out I don’t like chia seed pudding. I’ve tried. A few times. It’s just not for me.) I was definitely full enough all the time and felt like I had an appropriate amount of snacks and treats. Yummy.

2. The Work: It’s a LOT of work. I was teaching at a camp, so I felt a bit like I was either at camp, cooking, or packing food for the next day. I seriously have never chopped so many vegetables in my life. If I did it again, I would probably prep for the week on Sunday. (Like… all day Sunday.)

3. The Groceries: I appreciated the list, but I tried to multiply it by 2.5 (2 adults and 1 child) and ended up with strange amounts of leftover ingredients. Maybe it was my math. But more likely it was that things are only sold in certain set amounts. I did my best to use up as many ingredients as I could, though. And I ended up with 18 days of food instead of 14. I went to the grocery store more than the two suggested times. I had never bought so much produce in my life.

4. The No Coffee Thing: Yikes. I did my very very best to follow this rule. I made it through about 10 days. But as I mentioned, I did this while teaching at a camp. And the camp musical was on day 10 or so. And tech week is not the time to give up coffee. I only had one cup, and it was black. Which is significant since I’m usually a 3-4 cups a day kinda girl. I consider it a major victory that I didn’t have more than this.

5. The Results: The picture above speaks for the results. I try to base things on look and feel rather than weight. So I don’t know what the pound difference was. But it’s clear that this worked.

Similar to the Dr. Oz Cleanse, there was a lot of comfort in having my food all planned out for 2 weeks. I have started to carry this into my regular life a bit. Not entirely, but a bit. More on that soon. 😉

Has anyone else tried this plan? What were your experiences?

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