30 More Days: Stair Workout

If I had my way, I would be able to run outside AND take a group fitness class every single day.

I would also have a full-time cook and housekeeper. You know. While we’re wishing.

But I often go weeks without working out. Even this year, when I’ve been trying to focus on fitness. So when I find a workout I can do at home, I get excited.

A few weeks ago, we had planned to go to the gym. But, things happened. I don’t remember what. We’re a busy family. I felt disappointed and defeated. Then I remembered this stair workout I had seen on pinterest. The problem with pinterest workouts is that anyone can post one. You never know whether the poster has any idea what they’re talking about. You never know if the workouts are any good.

Unless of course you read about it on a blog like mine. 😉

Pinterest workouts (crafts, recipes…) are always a gamble. But I figured I’d give it a try.

And this one was a pinterest win!

It was a reasonable length. It was tough but not impossible. It was fun. I was tired at the end, and sore the next day. When I have time to repeat workouts (so, after I reach my 40 challenges…) this one will make it into my regular rotation.

In other news, my 40th birthday party is one month from today. Eeeeeek!

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