18 More Days: The 5 Squares Juice Cleanse

Here in the North East, we have had a lot of snow. A lot. It was during one of our snow storms when I got an interesting opportunity. A friend of mine is the owner of an awesome diet food delivery service called 5 squares. The storm had prevented a few deliveries from being made. (It was a bad one.) So two days of a 3-day juice cleanse was prepared and without a home. She asked on Facebook if anyone was interested. And if there is one thing Project 40 has taught me,nit is to say “yes, please” to health and fitness opportunities.

I picked up the cooler with two days of juice, (I live a much safer distance than it’s intended recipient) and started immediately. Generally a juice cleanse is something for which one would prepare. But this juice was prepared without any preservatives. So it was a use-it-or-lose-it situation. For the next two days, I drank the juice. Similar to the Dr. Oz challenge, I pretty much just always had one in my hand, as opposed to thinking of it as “meals.”

Some thoughts:

-The juice (and soup) was delicious. I’ve decided I would eat just about any combination of freshly-prepared food. But this all really was delicious.

-I lost a pound, which is impressive for 48 hours and a small frame.

-I definitely felt like I had another day in me, as designed. I didn’t feel like I was too hungry, and while I was thankful to eat solid foods again, I wasn’t desperate.

-I took it easy for the two days of the cleanse. I didn’t work out since I didn’t know how my body would react. I also made sure I had time to eat two good solid meals at the end of the 48 hours because I had a work party to attend. I figured even one drink after 48 hours of only liquids would go badly pretty quickly.

-It would be worth the money. This was my main take-away. I live in an area where juice bars are plentiful. I know lots of people who have done a similar cleanse, and it generally costs around $150 for three days. That sounded outrageous to me until I actually did it. After doing Dr. Oz I learned that you’ll spend at least that much making juices/ smoothies on your own. When you consider the time you save from the prep and actual juicing… You come out way ahead by having someone do it for you.

A girl can’t live on juice alone. But I lost a little weight and felt better after 2 days. And as always, it was amazing to have 48 hours when I didn’t have to think about food at all. If you’re going to try a juice cleanse, I highly recommend using a service like 5 squares.

Full disclosure: As stated above, I was given the two days of juice for free. However, it was as a gift so it wouldn’t go to waste. I was not given the juice cleanse in exchange for writing about it.

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