Topsy Turvy Day!

I really hate April Fool’s Day. I think practical jokes are mean. And I’m only moderately amused by food that looks like other food. (Thanks, Pinterest!) So I usually spend the day with my guard up, waiting for i to be over.

But I do enjoy holidays. And I like traditions of being silly. So I thought it would be a good day to share this.

Topsy Turvy

Look at me! I’m stuck to the ceiling!

OK. Now I’m just being silly. But I am pretty proud of myself. Because the picture in it’s original position shows me in a headstand. And. I learned all by myself.

I started where I always start. Pinterest. And I found a post that suggested some steps. So I tried them. Here was the first.

Headstand 1

Speaking of silly. This felt silly. I guess the idea was to get used to being upside down? Which is fair, considering I have had some rough upside-down yoga experiences. But this one didn’t do much for me. So I moved on to this.

Headstand 2

This one was tougher. And a little scarier. I did this one a few days in a row before finding the courage to kick all the way up.

The pinterest post suggested kicking up from the wall. But holy cow. From that angle? I don’t think so.

So I turned it around and kicked hard enough to touch the wall. Years of cheerleading muscle memory kicked in, and I did it on the second try. Wohoo!

Then I wondered if I could do it without using the wall.

Check it out.

You can’t entirely tell because you can’t see the wall. But my feet don’t touch it, I promise 😉

And yes. That’s “Friends” in the background. We’re making our way through on Netflix.

This challenge was fun. It took courage and strength, and it gave me confidence. And I know my technique leaves something to be desired. I’ll work on that. But hooray for headstands!

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