20130826-080316.jpg Hi there! I’m Mindy Kay Smith- the Thoroughly Modern Mommy. And this is a website dedicated to teaching women through honesty, humor, and hope that they are not alone. (Alliteration intentional. Men also welcome)

My Curriculum Vitae says I’m a performing arts teacher. When I get paid to work, it’s generally in that area. But several years ago, after an unsuccessful year of trying to get pregnant, I started to write. I wrote down the story of our journey in trying to conceive (or TTC for those of you visiting from that world. I’m sorry you’re in that world, by the way. I hope we can make it a little easier together. I will do my best to keep the infertility section a Kid-Free Zone, so you can get info without being bombarded with pictures of and stories about my daughter.) The most tangible result was a now-finished, ready-to-send-to-agents memoir. I’m hoping that one day in the not-so-distant future I can send you the link to buy it on Amazon. But in the meantime.

Another result was realizing I had a love for writing. Writing about being a Mom. Writing about adoption. Writing about depression. Writing about writing.

I also realized there was a need out there for certain kinds of information. Specifically, info about adoption, depression, and infertility. While I am not an expert, and I am certainly NOT A DOCTOR, I can get you pointed in the right direction.

So thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment to say hey. Ask me a question. And… Insert witty closing line…. *here.* (Make up your own. It’s interactive!)


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