Adoption Resources

This page offers basic information about adoption, and it will be updated frequently. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Go to the AskMindy page and I’ll do my best to include the information here. I may even feature it on a future blog!

My Blog Entries About Adoption

Emotional Disclaimer: This page offers extremely limited information. But I want to tell you- just from me to you- that if you’re on this page because you’re interested in adopting, you don’t need all the answers today. All you have to know is that the desire is there. You’ll figure out the rest. We did. I hope the information below can get you started in the right direction.

*Laws and policies vary greatly between countries. The information below concerns adoption from the point of view of a resident of the United States.

Types of Adoptions:

Domestic vs/ International

Domestic adoption: a child born in the United States is adopted by a family in the United States.

International adoption: a child born in another country is adopted by a family in the United States. Three common countries from which citizens of the USA adopt are China, Ethiopia, and Russia. However, policies are constantly changing. A country that may seem like the right fit today could become difficult next year.

Private, Agency, Foster

Private adoption: prospective parents and birth parents are represented by lawyers. They find each other in a wide variety of ways, but often it is through matching websites.

Agency adoption: an adoption agency facilitates the process.

Foster system: a child is adopted through the United States Foster System.

Check out my interview on HuffPostLive about transracial adoption. You can watch it HERE.
(Don’t mind the title. Great segment. Weird/ inaccurate title. I get help with her hair from friends, and I read blogs about hair. But that is not where I get the bulk of my information. Oh well. I’m grateful to HuffPostLive for recognizing transracial as a topic important enough to discuss!!!)

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