Launch Party!

Yesterday I celebrated my official launch! I was so excited to celebrate with family and close friends. The theme was “Back to School with Thoroughly Modern Mommy.” Check out the details below.

20130826-175742.jpg Guests were greeted with Thoroughly Modern Mommy totes adorned with green Lace to the Top shoelaces. (You can learn more about Lace to the Top here.) The bags were filled with penicls, notepads, and tshirts for the kiddos sporting individual graduation years. Moms can take a First Day of School pic in them each year and watch as the kiddos grow into them, twelve months at a time. 2027 feels far away to me now. I have a feeling I’ll blink and watch my little girl wear a cap and gown.

The menu featured the brown bag, deconstructed. Guests could choose from lunchbox favorites from our childhood like chips and fruit and cookies and juice boxes…. You know. The things many Moms- myself included- don’t feed their kids very often anymore 😉 And the main food focus was the PB&J bar! Four different kinds of peanut butter, strawberry preserved, honey, marshmallow fluff, and a big basket of mini bread slices: white, whole wheat, crusts on, crusts off…. Someone who’s really good at math should figure out how many possible combinations that is, while they’re working on it, I’ll just work it out long-hand. (AKA eating my way through the leftovers.)


We took an outside recess with some role-reversal time. Kids drove the car around while the grown-ups colored. Can we find a way for that to be a permanent arrangement?


I’m so blessed to have so many great friends in my life. And I’m grateful that they’re willing to be silly with me.

On Baby Sock Bunnies and Other Very Important Tasks

(Originally posted March 17, 2010 on blogspot)

“The wise woman does what she knows.
If it’s fighting, she fights. If it’s sewing, she sews.” Jason Robert Brown

I started my day with news of another financial frustration. It was news I needed to know, but could do nothing to fix. It was just one more blow in an already frustrating time. So I think it’s pretty obvious how I’ve spent my time today.

Making a little stuffed bunny out of a pair of outgrown baby socks.

After all, Easter is in a few weeks. And Lily will need to have a bunny in her basket. And we have all these little socks. And I have to do something, or I’ll go crazy.

I have no means of making money right now. I’ve tried. And since we don’t have any money, I can’t really take Lily anywhere. And I can work on the house a little. And I have. But it will really only be damage control with Hurricane Lily. So that’s only going to bring me so much satisfaction.

But this afternoon, there is a stuffed bunny where there was once only a pair of socks. And for today, that’s enough.


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