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Ok two things. First, it’s Wednesday. I had this great idea for a weekly feature called Tuesday Tools. I would let readers know about some of the tools I’ve found while taking our family from Total Chaos to…. well… usually less chaos. It’s a work in progress. 

But then there was a link I wanted to use that wasn’t ready. And do you know what Patty said to me? (Patty Perfectionist. She lives in my brain and makes things difficult.) She said “now you have to wait until next Tuesday.”

Really, Patty?

Well guess what. Wednesdays are Anti-Procrastion Days with Fly Lady. (More about her on another Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Whatever.) So the fact that the very first Tuesday Tools was posted on Wednesday is fine and STILL FITS THE THEME BECAUSE IT IS ANTI-PROCRASTINATION DAY AND I AM A WORK IN PROGRESS SO SHUT IT, PATTY. 

Second. I am not an expert at this chaos-busting. But I am a super open person who is currently going through it. So if you are looking here for expert advice- I recommend you look to Fly Lady instead. But if you want someone who will talk about what this feels like  going through it right now and who will share some of what I’ve learned… I’m you’re girl. 

On to the tools. 

This week I’m writing about decluttering my schedule, and there are two apps that honestly rule my life. I am so super picky about planners I can’t even tell you. And these two do everything I need. 

1. Cozi

I’ve been using this app since the profile picture we use was current. 

My daughter just turned 8, so you do the math. 

Cozi is a family app that has helps keep everyone on the same page. Over the past several years it has stopped several arguments before they could start. 

Person 1: I have a meeting tonight at 6.

Person 2: YOU DO???

Person 1: I put it on Cozi. 

Person 2: [Silence]


With the Cozi app, we can plan who will be where and when. We can have shared grocery lists and to-dos. We can plan meals with the amazing meal-planning functioning. (Seriously, you guys. You just plug in the link to a recipe and it breaks down the steps and the ingredients and then you can add it to your menu and your grocery list and HOW DOES IT DO THAT? Magic.) 

It’s all incredibly user friendly, and it’s free. I highly recommend it. Here are a few pics of the app at work. 

Cozi has a partnership with Fly Lady, which is how I first learned about it. 

Ok that’s the third time I’ve mentioned Fly Lady. There will be multiple blogs dedicated to how Fly Lady has influenced my life when it comes to battling chaos. This is not one of them. But you are probably curious now. So you can check her out here

I don’t have any affiliation with Cozi. I wasn’t paid to write a review or anything. I just really love this app. 

2. Stridepost

I just discovered this app a few months ago.  It turns out, that’s because it just came out a few months ago. It has helped my daughter in so many ways. While I don’t have an affiliation with them, either, I did write a guest blog for them today, simply because their product means that much to me. It has honestly changed the way my family functions as we learn to deal with my daughter’s anxiety. I’ll post some pics below. But to get a deeper idea of the impact it has made, please read my post on their site: 

Living Room Forts, And A Million Other Tiny Decisions

I don’t want to overstate it. But if you have a child, this app will help you. Here’s what it looks like in action:

And those are our tools for today. Wednesday. Not Tuesday. But Wednesday Tools has no ring to it. 

What are some tools you have found to help manage chaos?

Confessions of a High Achiever 

I have a confession to make. For those who know me personally, it’s one that will shock you. And I’m probably breaking some kind of Alpha Mom Code by saying it. But I cannot pretend any longer. 

I hate being busy. 

We all talk about how busy we are. And honestly, I am the queen of busy. Look at me! I can be a freelance performing arts teacher and blogger while advocating for my child’s special needs, all while keeping up a social life! Wheeeeeee!!!!

When I was in the first grade, I remember telling my teacher (quite proudly!) that I had an activity after school every single day. 

In high school I won the top service award for my senior class. This was just code for This Girl Is Crazy Busy. 

My freshman year of college I was a cheerleader for women’s basketball. I would cheer for the women, run into the bathroom to change, and play in the pep band for the men. This only stopped because the schedules changed and they stopped being double headers. 

It’s been part of my personality my whole life. So it makes sense that by February of this year I was teaching 20 classes a week during the school day, 15 piano lessons a week in the afternoons, and ending my week teaching 2-hour classes at homeless shelters. All while getting my daughter settled in a new school. 

It was a decent amount of money. And everyone wanted me to teach for them. 

And I was miserable. 

If I wasn’t literally standing in front of students teaching, I could hardly have a conversation without crying. I was grumpy and snapped at my family. We didn’t have clean laundry or groceries and we were constantly eating at restaurants because I had no energy to deal. Most of the house looked like this. 

Now, a lot of this was out of necessity. A series of events led to me being the primary breadwinner of the family. My husband was working like crazy, but new businesses don’t provide immediately. 

But a lot of it was beyond that. Being busy had become my lifestyle, and my habit, and quite frankly, a bit of a bragging right. People want me! Hooray! Look at how many people want me!

But I knew something had to change. We were told over and over by therapists that we needed absolute consistency for our daughter to manage her anxiety. And I couldn’t do it. For a while, I was hard on myself. I blamed my own mental illness on my inability to provide consistency. I just couldn’t give enough. I couldn’t do enough. I couldn’t BE enough. 

Then, a friend offered to start a gofundme campaign for our family. The money we raised allowed me to say no to working like a crazy person. (Still working! Just not like a crazy person.) And the answer to our chaos seemed clear. 

In order to declutter our lives, I would need to declutter my schedule. 

Right now, I am sitting at the kitchen table. There are healthy snacks here, and I am sharing them with my husband, who has space to work. We just had a calm discussion about transportation for the afternoon. (Complicated, when we only have one car, I teach piano lessons in students’ homes, and our daughter has therapy every day until 6…) I know what is happening for the week. I know what we’re eating  and when I’ll do laundry and how much money we have and what bills are coming up. And this is very different indeed. 

Over the past month, I have decluttered my schedule. Our lives are still very much works in progress. But for the next few weeks I’ll share what we’ve done. Maybe we can all declutter together!

A Day With The Wolf

This is the third installment in a series about raising a child with anxiety and depression. For more on our story, follow us on Facebook. If you are so led, you can also check out our gofundme campaign.

This is an actual, real-life day. As reported in Facebook statuses. 

8:00 AM Lily wakes up. We all slept on the fold-out bed in the living room last night because we were having a Star Wars movie night. She likes to keep people physically close to her. She woke up happily petting her dog. I have her the letter that our laundry angel left last night. She read the first half, but had me read the second half. She immediately grabbed a card, some markers, and some stickers. She wrote the salutation and the closing, and dictated the rest to me. It reminded me how smart she is, as the form of her letter was so appropriate. We told her people are signing up to help us, and that we were going to try to have it be less stressful at home in the future. 

8:15 AM While folding up the bed, Ryan’s hand slipped and he knocked over a glass of water. The glass broke. Lily immediately began screaming and thrashing on the bed. We couldn’t even make out what she was saying (this is very common) but she was devastated that the glass had been broken. Ryan and I both sprang into “ready” mode- looking for things she might throw, waiting to see if we would need to restrain her. This one passed easily though. She settled down, and her nose started to bleed. (Another very common occurrence. She works herself into nose bleeds a few times a week.) 

8:35 AM Lily asks if she can take a bath. Her body is far more advanced than her emotions, so hygiene is a tough one for her. We took her to Bath and Body works yesterday so bathing would be special. This is her second bath in 15 hours. 😉 Her nose is still bleeding a bit, but this is the only indication that she had an episode. 

10:05 AM Lily set her clothes out for church last night, took a bath this morning, then got herself dressed. However. It is not time to leave yet. (I just got out of the shower.) Therefore, she is “not going.” The “I’m not going” dance happened any time she knows we are going somewhere ever. She’ll go of course. But only after 20 minutes of I’m Not Going. 

10:10 AM Lily follows me into the bathroom and steps on the scale. 

Me: Looks just about right!

Lily: I’m scared. I don’t wanna be fat. 

Me: You’re not fat. You are growing though. 

Lily: I’m getting heavier. 

Me: Well that’s because you’re growing. But if you want, we can make sure we’re moving a lot and eating healthy foods. 

Her meds make her STARVING. All the time. Fortunately she is good about eating a variety of healthy foods. (She had a cucumber in her hand during this conversation.) But the combination of her meds and early puberty have led to significant weight gain. The doctors know about it. It’s not a problem. But it makes her sad. And having parents who weigh 250 COMBINED does not help matters. 
10:15 AM Lily asks if it’s time to go. It is not. She tells me again that she is not going, and starts banging her head on the wall. She then runs into her bedroom and slams the door over and over. Ryan tries to stop her and she lunges at him. She goes into her room screaming, and comes out a minute later as if nothing has happened. 

10:25 Lily settles down to play Minecraft with Ryan. I find out there is another church service at 5:00, so we all decide to go then. Another angel arrives to help with dishes. She also has breakfast. 

2:30 PM Ryan had a meeting and I had a lesson, so Lily rode with Ryan in the car. She was well-behaved and came home happy. She’s now calmly watching YouTube videos about Minecraft while waiting for someone to be available to play with her in about an hour. She’s hanging in there just fine, but I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

2:55 PM Since an angel came to help with the kitchen, we have a clean place. One clean place. I’m having some soup, and Lily is playing with her wolves. This is pretty common- she will hang out in the cleanest place. (Don’t we all?) It reminds me how important this is. Her mood right now is awesome. 

4:50 PM Lily had been playing Minecraft for about an hour with another of our angel friends online. We gave her a 15- minute warning that we were leaving for church. When it was time to go she happily said good-bye, put her shoes on, and skipped to the car. She does really well when she knows exactly what to expect. Off to church! 

5:15 PM Lily wore a special cowboy hat to church. Some of the jewels broke off. She ran out of the building screaming. We can’t chase her too closely, but Ryan and I both went outside to make sure she was safe. She screamed at us and stamped her feet that she was going home. After two or three minutes, she came back inside. Within another minute she was dancing with a friend. 

6:00 PM I connected with another Mom of a Special Needs Child. These connections are important. 

6:30 PM Lily was having a great time at church and really did not want to leave. She started whining that she was bored (we were literally STILL THERE) and whined on and off until we got home. She had a brief screaming session once she realized she really wasn’t playing Minecraft anymore today. 

7:00 PM Lily asked to take another bath. This kid will really not stink tomorrow. Ryan and I met while she was in the tub. A few schedule conflicts to work out, which is not easy since we both need to work as much as possible, and there are only a few people with the skills to babysit Lily. 

7:30 PM bathed, medicated, and in her pajamas, she cuddled up with Daddy for a bedtime story. She then asked if she could sleep on the couch. It’s such a balance, knowing that she should be in her own space, but also knowing that weekends can be tough for her and she wants to be near us. We decided not to fight this battle, so we let her curl up with a blanket on the couch while I work on lesson plans next to her. 

8:20 PM Snoring 

One of the skills Lily learned at the hospital was how to go to sleep. She literally did not know how to settle down her brain and body before. Now, (with the help of her meds which make her a bit sleepy) she can cuddle up and be snoring within a few minutes. She likes to sleep to relaxing classical music, which makes Music Teacher Mommy’s heart happy. 

#ADayWithTheWolf Wrap-Up

We had 6 mini explosions today. One caused a nose bleed, one had her banging her head on the wall, one sent her running out of the church building into the parking lot. 

In summary, this was a very easy day. 

Nothing got broken (except the glass, but that was Ryan’s fault….) and no one was injured. 

We made it to all of the activities we were supposed to attend. 

We didn’t wonder if we would have to call 911.

We had a very easy bedtime.

And most of all, we spent the day as a family, enjoying each other’ company. 

Today was a good day.

But wait. There’s more. 

Lily and I made this video at 2 AM. 

She did not to school the next morning. 

Dear Black People: I Believe You

I am a white girl. I mean that in every sense of the word. 

Yes, I am a Caucasian female. But I’m also a “white girl.” I grew up as a cheerleader in Ohio. I met my husband in our college marching band. We moved to a small town where he was active in the Elk’s Club and I taught music. I go to Starbucks multiple times a day, and my hair is currently in pigtails. I love the fall and its pumpkin-flavored everything. 

So when my husband and I adopted a baby with brown skin and kinky hair, we assumed race wouldn’t matter. Because all you need is love. And if we all just treat everyone equally, race won’t matter any more. Our daughter can grow up color-blind, right?

Over the last seven years we’ve learned how wrong we were. And it’s hard to be wrong. I want to assume everything is fine and that this is the age of equality. We have a Black President, right? This is a more comfortable place to live. Assuming that if we all treat each other with equality, everything will be ok. 

But if we look at racism as something that exists “out there,” we excuse ourselves from taking any responsibility. White people, it’s time for us to step up. 

Let me repeat that. 

It is time for US to step up. 

We teach our children that if a friend is being bullied at school, they should say something. They should believe the friend, and they should do what they can to help. We do not teach our children to tell the victim she should simply stop making such a fuss. We do not teach them to ask the friend what she may have done to deserve the bullying. We do not teach them to convince the friend that her problems do not actually exist. We teach them to look the friend in the eye and say “I believe you. This is wrong. How can I help?”

White people- our friends are hurting. They are being bullied. And it is time for US to step up. 

We need to set our white fragility aside. 

WOAH WOAH WOAH DID THIS CHIC JUST CALL ME FRAGILE? You don’t know me. You don’t know my life. 

Look. I get it. I didn’t want to hear it either. But the fact that the phrase “white fragility” makes people edgy is PROOF THAT IT EXISTS

Trust me for a minute. I know you don’t know me. But I seem trustworthy, right?

What if I told you that I have seen my daughter disciplined at school far more harshly than her white peers?

What if I told you that my friends from church- leaders in the church- have been stopped, all over the country, for Walking Or Driving While Black? Like, on the regular. 

What if I told you they’re hurting? Would you believe me?

Here’s the thing. Trust is a choice. Believing someone is a choice

What if we start with “I believe you. I don’t understand it. It doesn’t make sense to me. But I believe you. Help me understand. Tell me how to help.”

No more shutting down the conversation by trying to prove them wrong. Just listening. 

The past few weeks have shown my husband and I that we need to speak out and share what we’re learning. We’re hosting a series of talks on the Thoroughly Modern Mommy Facebook page. We were live last Thursday at 9:30 PM, and we’ll be live again this week at the same time. We’d love to have you join us. 

Duvet Covers for Dummies


And by dummies, clearly I don’t mean dummies. I’m not even sure why I know how to do this. I thought my husband taught me, but he says that’s not how he does it. (He’s an interior designer, thus an expert.) Then I assumed it was my Mom. But then she commented that she was impressed when I posted it on Facebook. Maybe I figured it out on my own? That feels highly unlikely.

But whatever the reason, I know how to get a duvet cover over a comforter with minimal effort. So when a friend told me she thought duvet covers were of the devil, I was confused. I told her I would make her a video.

That was about six months ago. Duvet covers: check. Completing projects in a timely manner…. Meh. Not so much.

So here it is. Never crawl inside your duvet cover again. Spread the word.

U is for Unimpressed


Lily makes amazing faces. And she poses for the camera. When she feels like it.

Last summer we stumbled upon an event downtown. We asked Lily if she wanted us to take her picture. This was the result.



She has never seen the McKayla’s Unimpressed meme. This is just what she was feeling.

We have a serious diva on our hands.

Throwback Thursday: The Class of 93 Edition

I loved high school. I mean I loved it. I had great friends. I was in every musical organization possible and I was in theatre and I was a cheerleader. I dated a soccer player and we went to every cheesey event possible fully dressed for whatever theme the studen council created. Out of my class of 268 I received the top service award. I had done the very most for my school. I really- really- loved high school.

When it was time to graduate I cried for a week. How would I ever find a place as lovely for me as high school? How would I ever stop being a Panther? What would I do with all of the blue and red clothes?

Then, I went to college. And man I loved college. I was in marching band and choir and I was a cheerleader and I decorated my dorm in green and white and I loved everything about being a Bobcat.

Now that I’m a grown-up, I love everything about being in my community. We’re active at our local YMCA and we go to town events and I teach piano to the kids in the area and my daughter will attend public school. I would be a cheerleader for my town if there was such a thing. Although I’d need to be a cheerleader who keeps both feet on the ground at all times. My toe touch days are long over. But still. I would do it. And I would love it. Because I love my town.

Two weeks ago I attended my twentieth high school reunion.

What? You can’t possible be old enough to have been out of high school twenty years! You look sooooooo young!

I know, right? And thanks.

But yes. It was my 20th. And I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I had attended my tenth and had a blast. Back then my husband and I were days from moving to NYC. We had exciting stories to tell. I was thin and tan (spray tan, not real) and my nails were done and I was wearing the perfect dress. I had the time of my life.

As we drove to the venue for my twentieth I was feeling less confident. I had ordered the perfect dress, but it hadn’t arrived in time. I threw several things into the suitcase back in CT and chose a random dress from it when I got out of the shower. It was nice. It was fine. But it wasn’t what I’d planned. I was going to paint my nails earlier in the day but there hadn’t been time. I worried about the wrinkles around my eyes. I worried about the ten pounds I’ve added in the past year. I worried that the financial troubles that almost kept us from attending would not only be visible, they’d be the only thing anyone noticed.

And. I had a great time.

Once I started chatting and connecting with classmates I forgot about our financial woes and my nails and the dress that was a second choice. I was too busy spending time with people. Catching up, yes. But also having real conversations. The kind of conversations you’re not supposed to have at parties because they’re too divisive. And we shared pictures of kids. And we remembered some good memories. But mostly we just created a new memory.

And I realized- that’s the key. I remember the good times. I could still sing the fight song (and do the cheerleading routine) and I still have (but don’t wear) my Varsity jacket. And we go to our college homecoming every year and march in the alumni band and pretend we’re young. (And then get reminded by our bodies the next day that no. No we’re not.) I remember all of it as good times. Great times even. But I never look back on them as the best times. I can’t imagine living that way- thinking the best of my life was behind me.

When I first started blogging over at blogspot I wrote this piece. It really is funny how neatly my life has been divided. And it makes me terribly excited to see what’s in store for me in the next ten years. Especially at Starbucks. Did you know the pumpkin spice flavor debuted ten years ago? Man. What flavor will change our lives thus decade? Whatever happens between now and 2023, I’m looking forward to them as the best years of my life so far.

Go Panthers


A celebration of utter silliness as my high school boyfriend and I recreate our “Most Devoted Couple” pose from our senior yearbook. Not taking things too seriously: the key to a fun reunion.

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